We have a wonderful news! Our Landscape Sunrise 365 Photography project has been featured on Official Sydney website! Just wanted to share this as it is a great feeling when you are getting positive feedback and recognition. As we mentioned before, me and my husband take photos of every sunrise. We committed to do it at least 365 days in the row. We doing this Landscape Sunrise 365 Photography project mostly for fun as we both enjoy landscape photography and Australia is such a great place for this passion. We are lucky to live on the Northern Beaches and the beauty is just at our door steps. Taking sunrise pictures give you a chance to see the world before it gets too busy and noisy, feel the serenity of it all as the world awakens. Those sunrise photos also could be a good gift for weddings, newborn birthdays or other special occasions. If you are interested in finding a special gift, please check out our Sunrise365 photography project. And some mornings are so gorgeous with amazing skies over the ocean or over the City, so those photos worth to be put on the walls just to decorate any room home or business no matter of the day they were shot.

365 Photography project

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Today we went to the world famous Bondi Beach.
Bondi Beach is located 7 km east of the Sydney central business district, in the Eastern Suburbs. It is the closest beach to the city centre. Bondi Beach is a mecca for tourists, lifesavers, surfers and sun worshippers.
Bondi Beach is about 1 kilometre long. Bondi Junction railway station is about a 3 km walk from the beach.
Bondi Beach was added to the Australian National Heritage List

Despite being overcast, the sky was absolutely beautiful!


10.04.2014 – Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW – 365 Photography project

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